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84% of drivers at risk due to poor car maintenance

Eighty four percent of motorists are putting themselves at risk on the road by not checking the basic components of their cars regularly, according to a recent poll by Trust My Garage.

The countrywide independent garage scheme polled 100 male and 100 female drivers in the UK to see what regular maintenance checks they carry out on their vehicles and revealed that a quarter of drivers are leaving it as late as six months before they open the bonnet.

It is recommended that engine coolant should be checked once a week, and it can be particularly dangerous if left at a low level during periods of hot weather. Failure to keep engine coolant levels topped up can result in leaks and overheating of a vehicle, which is exacerbated in warmer weather, which can lead to costly damage like a blown head gasket. Twelve percent of men surveyed check their engine coolant levels once a week compared to just five percent of female drivers – but a staggering 53% of drivers surveyed said they never check their engine coolant.

The survey also places men above women when it comes to carrying out checks on their tyres with 17% of male drivers stating that they check their tyre tread depth once a month, as recommended, compared with just five percent of female drivers. It also found that men are four times more likely to check their tyre pressure regularly than women. Tyre tread depth and pressure should be checked at least once a month to minimise the risk of a blow out or puncture.

Motorists are also leaving it too late to check their oil levels, with 90% of respondents stating that they wait until later than the recommended time frame of one week. If oil levels do go down below the “low” mark, drivers could be faced with a damaged engine and potentially a costly repair. Twelve percent of men reported that they check their oil levels every week compared to just five percent of women.

Terry Gibson at Trust My Garage said: “This survey highlights that not enough attention is being paid to some of the checks that motorists can carry out themselves. Even modern cars need to have regular fluid checks to stay safe. We always advise motorists to make good use of their local independent garage by having their cars regularly serviced and maintained. It’s then easy to carry out simple, regular basic checks yourself, giving drivers peace of mind whenever they are out on the roads.”

We say: Delaying essential maintenance can not only lead to spiralling repair bills down the line, but it can also put you and other road users in serious danger. No car warranty company will pay out for repairs either if the vehicle hasn’t been maintained properly, so to make sure you’re not left out of pocket, it will be a requirement to produce evidence of servicing in the event of a claim. Providing you agree to this, your Safe and Sound car warranty will continue to protect you against against repair bills. Remember that only our dealers will issue you with a FREE motoring package, including exceptional car warranty and 24 hour recovery breakdown, vehicle safety inspection, complete background check and much more.

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