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Bristol Cars are Safe and Sound with WMS Group

When Bristol Cars approached us at the end of last year to offer their customers our flagship Safe and Sound warranty scheme, we were delighted but slightly anxious at the same time. For almost seventy years, this iconic brand has continued to remain the epitome of luxurious motor cars, having attracted a loyal following of discerning enthusiasts with their classic and contemporary ranges, which are rapidly appreciating in value. Could we rise to the challenge and ensure that the Bristol brand maintained its high integrity and image?

Renowned for its excellence in build quality, the Bristol Cars name first began as a division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1947. By this point the Bristol Aeroplane Company, established some fifty years earlier, had already distinguished itself as a leading manufacturer of aircraft, and by the end of the Second World War its workforce had risen to 70,000 men and women. Moving into car manufacturing was a natural progression for the company, which between 1947 and 1955 had manufactured six production cars (the type 400 to the 406), each powered by the Bristol-built 2 litre engines.

After developing these models to aircraft standards using aircraft construction methods and under strict aircraft-style quality inspection, the company quickly gained a reputation for offering amongst the finest vehicles in the world. Bristol Cars went on to achieve notable sporting success from the 1948 Polish Rally onwards, with legendary drivers such as Jack Brabham, Mike Hawthorn and our very own Stirling Moss racing to victory on numerous occasions. They later introduced the 407 containing a Chrysler V8, and various versions of this powered cars over the following decades until Chrysler’s V10 was used as the powertrain for the Fighter, named after their most successful World War One aircraft.

Today, Bristol Cars is no longer a division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, but still operates from its flagship showroom in Kensington. A multi-million pound investment by the Frazer-Nash group of companies is paving the way for a new generation of Bristol which, true to the marque’s high-tech heritage, will aid the production of a luxury car unlike any other. The company tells us its performance and refinement will be significant but with minimal impact on the environment, complete with a hybrid powertrain that encapsulates the very best in modern British engineering. Unlike other hybrids in production today, it will not require any mechanical differentials so as not to deplete any of the considerable power produced. As a manufacturer used to setting the benchmark for the industry, Bristol needed to ensure that customers of its pre-owned cars had exceptional motoring protection in place long after the vehicle handover that would work in synergy with their prestigious brand and offer complete peace of mind to customers.

Richard Hackett of Bristol Cars comments: “Whilst Bristol Cars is developing its new electric supercar, a huge programme of investment is underway in the heritage of the marque. Key to this is the iconic showroom on Kensington High Street, from where I was first selling Bristol motor cars in 1965. The Safe and Soundprotection programme seemed terribly appropriate especially with the endorsement of Sir Stirling who previously drove some very famous racing cars powered by the legendary Bristol 2 litre engine. This product enables our customers to have additional confidence in their cars, knowing that the extensive preparation and support that we offer is backed up by an exceptional warranty and 24 hour breakdown package which means no large repair bills and a speedy recovery if they ever needed assistance.”

Bristol Cars offer a selection of classic and contemporary cars for sale, which can be viewed at the dealership and online at www.bristolcars.co.uk.

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