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Our top tips for choosing an extended car warranty

Buying a used car is an exciting time for many, but once it’s out of the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be left exposed to spiralling repair bills which can run into thousands of pounds. This is something that we see quite often, so here are our top tips for choosing the best car warranty.

  • Don’t wait until it’s too late. If your car develops a fault and then you decide to take out a car warranty, no provider will be able to cover that fault and may ask you to have it rectified before cover can begin – or at the very least apply an inception period. By choosing a Safe and Sound car dealer, you will receive a free vehicle inspection to rule out any inherent faults – and if there are any before your cover begins, your dealer will rectify them for you.
  • Make sure your policy is secure.  If your car warranty is not underwritten, then should the warranty company cease trading, you will be left out of pocket when it comes to claiming. Sadly we hear too many stories of motorists that had taken out cover only to find that when their vehicle developed a fault, the warranty company had disappeared which meant that they faced staggering repair bills and loss of the premium paid for the cover. Your Safe and Sound car warranty however is underwritten by leading global insurer AmTrust and we are regulated by the FCA which is peace of mind for you.
  • Buy the best car warranty cover you can afford. Yes it’s simple, but taking out a basic plan to save a few pounds is likely to lead to disappointment later on. Ensure that your provider is giving you the best cover for your vehicle’s age and mileage. At no cost to you, Safe and Sound dealerships will include a minimum of six months all-mechanical and all-electrical car warranty – and for vehicles that haven’t exceeded 6 years old/60,000 miles then wear & tear cover will also be included.
  • Research the repairers. Find out if the warranty company has an approved network of garages that they can recommend to you, and if so, ensure that they have one near home. It is worth making a note of the garages in close proximity for future reference, and storing them in your glovebox along with your car warranty and recovery paperwork. By working with Unipart who are renowned for their exceptional customer care, we can give you access to their 800+ car care centres, so we know you are going to be looked after properly.  
  • Check your claim limit. The chances are you will be presented with an array of claim limit options when choosing your car warranty, but bear in mind that repairs often reach quadruple figures – so a £500 claim limit may not offer the best value. Also remember to check how many claims you can make, and what excess you need to pay. Your Safe and Sound car warranty will provide a claim limit of the vehicle’s current market value (in accordance with leading retail valuation guide Glass’s), so if your car is worth £7,000 then that’s the amount we will pay. It also allows you to make unlimited claims for the duration of the cover, and you won’t be required to pay an excess either.
  • And finally, follow the claims procedure. If you don’t gain authorisation from your warranty company prior to having the work carried out, then don’t expect to be reimbursed! You wouldn’t rebuild your house following a fire then contact your home insurance company for reimbursement afterwards, and a car warranty is no different.

Providing you take the time to research the product you are buying, compare cover between car warranty suppliers and ensure that you are getting the best value (not just the cheapest deal) then a car warranty can be the difference between reducing your motoring costs and spiralling repair bills. To find your nearest Safe and Sound dealer, click here.

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