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Ladies, join the FOXY Drivers Club!

FOXY Lady Drivers Club is the UK’s only motoring organisation specifically aimed at women, and run by women. FOXY stands for many things, but most importantly it makes sure females get a fair deal and excellent treatment when it comes to all things automotive.

FOXY Lady Drivers Club is the not-for-profit sister company of FOXY Choice, who recognises the female friendly dealerships and repairers that provide an exceptional service. Businesses that want to become approved by FOXY Choice must:

  • Sign the ethical FOXY Promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women services they don’t need’
  • Demonstrate measurable, quality standards; value for money; timesaving and stress busting services; clean facilities; and a genuine female friendly welcome (earning brownie points for superior amenities, women in customer facing roles and organising ladies evenings)

Being a female definitely has its advantages! For the one-off fee of only £23, you will receive LIFETIME membership to the FOXY Lady Drivers Club, which already has over 12,000 members – and this number is growing daily! There are many benefits to joining the Club, and these include:

  • A friendly motoring helpdesk for practical advice and support
  • A car buying advisory service
  • VIP treatment at female friendly UK garages
  • FREE seasonal car safety checks
  • Car insurance news and the latest deals
  • A female friendly no fault accident assistance service
  • Independent advice and inside information at the homework stage
  • On demand friendly support through the buying and/or selling process
  • Female feedback and reassurance about car dealers
  • Moneysaving offers and discount vouchers
  • A second opinion from a FOXY female if need be
  • Follow up support should things go wrong at the dealership.

You can join the FOXY Lady Drivers Club by clicking here and remember to say that you heard of them through ‘Safe and Sound’. Note that ‘Safe and Sound’ do not receive any commission from working with FOXY, nor from referring you to their website!

FOXY Lady Drivers Club membership makes a great, practical gift for both new and experienced female motorists alike, however whilst the membership must be registered in the ladies name, the benefits will apply to the entire household – which if you ask us is fantastic value for money. So, make sure you’re registered with FOXY Lady Drivers Club as soon as possible, to make sure of a better motoring deal in future.

As a female friendly company, Safe and Sound’ are delighted to be offering FOXY Lady Drivers Club membership to all our female staff and associates.

Registered office: The WMS Group Ltd,
Oxford House, Oxford Road, Thame, Oxon OX9 2AH
01844 293 810