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Introducing the Fab Four from ‘Safe and Sound’

After the ‘Safe and Sound’ brand was established, it was only natural to launch a product range that would take complete care of our customer’s motoring needs. Once again backed with the endorsement of Sir Stirling Moss, we now have a further three ‘Safe and Sound’ products – these being Guaranteed Asset Protection; MOT cover and SmartShine paint and fabric protection. If you are a dealer and would like to request a dealer pack please click here or call Eric Stone on 07789 682502.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

In the event of your vehicle being declared a Total Loss, you will only receive an insurance settlement for the current market value of the vehicle which will be less than you paid originally. Our GAP will cover the financial shortfall between purchase price and settlement, up to a maximum payout of £10,000. Available as pay-monthly and straight payment with cover lasting up to 3 years, and no excess if you make a claim.  For more information please visit www.safeandsoundgap.co.uk.

MOT Cover

Ensure that you are protected against expensive MOT failure bills, with our ‘Safe and Sound’ MOT cover. We have 12, 24 and 36 months cover is available, each with a claim limit of £750 which includes the costs of parts and labour. Hundreds of components are covered, such as the lighting, steering, suspension, brakes, seats, seatbelts and so much more.


SmartShine from ‘Safe and Sound’ is a two stage paint sealant, unlike other brands that only have a one-stage treatment which in effect could seal in dirt and cause paint deterioration. Once cured, it is virtually impossible to remove the coating without professional intervention. The result is a durable, glass-like transparent protective layer, providing protection from weather induced fading, acid rain damage, oxidization and loss of gloss. For you, this not only means that the appearance of your vehicle is maintained, but also that exterior maintenance and the amount of time needed to clean the vehicle is reduced, whilst you protect the resale value. The application is then guaranteed throughout your entire period of ownership.

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